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Miley Cyrus , Yep , This is me
YES, YOU FOUND ME This is a simple profile. Nothing "incredible" or"special" I do read all the comments and are so sweet, thank you a lot for the lovewanna say sorry for all the troubles i made with that old Vanity Fair PhotoShoot. Well...actually the paparazzis are sometimes nice, and kind but sometimes like when they are everyday in front of my home waiting for me..its freakin annoying! Don't request me my e-mail address,cuz its personal.Just for close friends, my label and my family. Also stop requesti ng me to follow you on Twitter ! Im soo sorry but i only follow people that i actually know personal!!Ok? and Stop asking "Can i be your friend,Miley ? " HELLO!OF COURSE ! everyone on my friends list is my friend > < god bless, xoxo Miley .Other things about meAT THE END : A HUGE IMPORTANT THING IS : DO NOT WRITE YOUR MAIL, ADDRESS, PHONE NO, ON THE PROFILE !!
About me:
- I have 5 brothers! dude big family
- My favourite sport is cheerleading
- i practiced big time when i was little -
I love rainbows -
I love the fact that y&#039;all are interested in searching paparazzi shoots of me. i think thats cool , but my life remains my life XD.
- I love to dance,play music.
- I love to be Hannah Montana
- All in my top are the real deal
- Im 17
- I love John Lennon
- I love Franklin, Tennesse.
- My favourite song of my dads is "Achy Breaky Heart."
- I wrote sooo much songs - a part of them were used in Hannah Montana.
-My favourite album is Kelly Clarksons "Breakaway"
- My favourite food is chinese and southern.
- I have a lot of animals.
-I was on the green team for 2 summers in a row in the Disney Channel Games.
- I changed my name in Miley, cuz my parents called me Smiley when i was little.
- I became bf with Mandy on my tour
-we have our own "Miley and Mandy Show" on youtube ! check it out!
- My brother Trace and Mitchel&#039;s brother, Manson are in the band "Metro Station"
- I like rock music such as The Killers and Coldplay.
- I LOVE doing photography.
- I hope in 10 years...i will be still acting
- I lived in Toronto.
- Me and Tay Tay (aka Taylor Swift) are such good friends.
- Im a fan of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston
I LOVE purple and orange,i think purple isn&#039;t just a color, it&#039;s an attitude Favourite Films: Steel Magnolias.Kisses

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The Real Mileys^_^ 25 August 2010  
Ha.....U delete Protect4happyxd....

Haha u`re a sooper fake....
If u delete my coments ppl see the truth....

I don`t want talk ugly but....
The Real Mileys^_^:)I have and Deget 4 Fans^_^:) 25 August 2010  
Hey@Sweetie>3 Whatzz up>?<It^s okey cuz u posing me>?<It^s cool to be me...I know..I^m Mileys...Sweetie...Stop posing me.....My real acount is mileysxonline.deget.net...Stupid grl...I know cuz u^re my hudge fan and u want see star`s life....I really plss recongize....Is an 1 real Miley on the Planet and This is me....Haha U`re funny....I`m 16>?<Who is this..I^m in Hannah Montana the movie>?<In movie was have 16...But now I have 18[17 hafpast]
Srry but u`re just a fake...

Xoxo Miley...And my old acount is HottieChocolateMileys...Stupid@Grl....I have an specially word 4 u:
Go hell!

Xoxo Mileys Hot 92
RyanNewmanJustMe 25 August 2010  
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